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PvT - PartinG's 3-Gate Stalker Pressure | StarCraft 2

You want an aggressive opening for PvT in Starcraft 2? Try this Protoss build order!
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This opening is a Gate expand / 8 stalkers pressure. Against a standard mine drop from the terran, you will be able to do many damage and kill the opponent.
This replay comes from a ladder game.

After opening with this pressure, you can switch to a standard colossus playstyle.
Notes :
- Start with a Gate Expand
- 2 first chronoboost on the nexus, next one on the gateway
- 2 stalkers on the first gateway
- Never chronoboost the warp gate
- 2 more gates at 3,10
- 2 warps of stalkers for the attack and the next one for defense (at around 4,50)
- At 5min, be ready for the drop then attack and focus the bunker

A big thanks to PartinG for this build order!

Replay and details► https://lotv.spawningtool.com/build/116726/

#Starcraft2 #buildorder #protoss
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Guides / Build Order Protoss in English ► http://bit.ly/2KIeVds
My Bronze to Master in English ► http://bit.ly/2McT1nv

Credit :
Merry Go Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
zuka Ingame : Enjoy your free wins!
Jordan Johnson : Terran is so hard to play against.
Dmitry Sivashchenko : Nice PvX guidelines here, thank you so much! By the way, I see many terrains add early single raven as a counter to colossi which is capable to shut down 2 colossi at once. How should I counter it assuming no feedback (separate tech tree + templars aren't always at the army front to cast it in time)?
Pavel B : Tried it in PvX, 3 wins in a row :)
Still, I feel like we need more gateways, we have 2 fully working bases by 4-5 minutes, and 3 gateways...
François Becuwe : bien le bonjour zuka ,faire des vidéos doit te prendre
énormément de temps j'aime vraiment ce que tu fais mais mon anglais est limiter meme si je comprends ta pensée mais si tu as la meme video en francais meme si je sais que peux de francais joue encore ....
mais bon du coup je prends des cours d'anglais a 37 ans XD

Mario Party 3 - Gate Guy

Mario Party 3 - Gate Guy

This is Gate Guy Duel Board from Mario Party 3. You have to choose if you will go through the gate or not.

Thanks for watching and subscribe for more video's.

Luigi is played by Maurits.
Yoshi is played by Rik.
#Mario #MarioParty #MarioParty3
Mary Scott : I love Yoshi
Mangadude901 : So, Thwomp insta-kills when in reverse?!? I've never seen that before, even when I played MP3 as a kid!
ConnorW8 : 24:40 and there you have it, the stupidest Mario Party 3 minigame.
Vincent Marandola : Nice

Slim Replays Mario Party 3 - Gate Guy

It's time for the Duel Boards!

In these boards, only 2 combatants will take arm as they try to knock the other player out. Not with their own fists though, but with beloved Mario enemies and characters!

This section of the game won't take as long as the Battle Royale maps did, and in fact, some boards could be even shorter than 20 minutes; it all depends on how the RNG Gods decide to treat us! Every board will be one video though, even if one board happens to go over the 40-minute mark, so I'll be basically doing 2 boards per weekend.

First up, we have Gate Guy, a very simple square board with a path in the middle you can pay some coins to take. Not a lot to explain here; just a very simple duel board.


For more SlimKirby goodness, come to my website at http://slimkirby.net
williamfrieden1 : Nice video, Slimkirby!
MrAgility888 : Minigames played so far

Boulder Ball
Baby Bowser Broadside
Coconut Conk
Bounce 'n' Trounce
Three Door Monty
Cosmic Coaster
Game Guy's Magic Boxes
Awful Tower

Slot Synch
Log Jam
Storm Chasers
Locked Out
All Fired Up
Rockin' Raceway
Curtain Call
Slap Down
Pump, Pump and Away
Ice Rink Risk
River Raiders
Hand, Line and Sinker

Tidal Toss
Swing 'n' Swipe
Crazy Cogs
Frigid Bridges
Hey, Batter, Batter!
The Beat Goes On
Hide and Sneak
Spotlight Swim

Picking Panic
Winner's Wheel
Pipe Cleaners
Thwomp Pull
Dorrie Dip
Stacked Deck
Eye Sore
Water Whirled
Swinging with Sharks
Bobbing Bow-loons

Toadstool Titan
End of the Line
Puddle Paddle

Etch 'n' Catch
Game Guy's Sweet Surprise
Parasol Plummet

Crowd Cover
Tick Tock Hop
Hyper Hydrants
Motor Rooter
Ridiculous Relay
Messy Memory

Cheep Cheep Chase
Game Guy's Lucky 7
Snowball Summit

Chip Shot Challenge
Mario's Puzzle Party
Eatsa Pizza
Treadmill Grill

Aces High

Bowser Toss

Baby Bowser Bonkers
Popgun Pick-Off
Picture Imperfect

Game Guy's Roulette

Vine With Me
Silly Screws

Minigames not yet played

Fowl Play

Dizzy Dinghies
Mario's Puzzle Party Pro
Stardust Battle
KevinPike : Why did you put up a picture of a milkshake with the Pringles guy on it and name it "Senor Milkshake"?
Roboglenn387 : 8:10 The name is Belltop.

21:20 Change places!

22:34 Change places!

30:44 Toad: "Its hammer time!"
Kirti Bandiwadekar : Wow, that was utter domination. I almost felt bad for Luigi! Another count to your win streak!




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